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Health and Wellbeing for allThe International Association for Health and Learning (IAHL) empowers people worldwide to improve their Health and Learning by it’s promotion, development and research into complementary, holistic approaches.




The key is to help individuals to discover their inner resources to solve challenges and develop preventative approaches.

People achieve modern-day miracles every day, defying the norms of statistical measurement. How do they do that?  Often by a positive attitude and a determination to achieve what they want – and there are many more skills that can be used.

The International Association is about helping you to find your keys to Health and Learning.

We are attracting people worldwide to join us in bringing to the world very practical and simple tools to improve health, wellbeing and learning.

So if you are:

  • someone who is experiencing learning difficulties or health issues
  • a complementary practitioner currently using our approaches
  • a complementary practitioner interested in adding our empowering approach to their practice
  • a health care professional e.g. a doctor, nurse, physiotherapist…
  • an educational professional e.g. a teacher, working with special needs, an educational psychologist …
  • interested in contributing to the International Association research projects
  • an individual who is really excited to be part of such a unique development in personal endeavour and growth

Join the IAHL Now or Find a practitioner and see how together we can make a difference.


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