As health coaches we need to realise that we never know what is right for another person

Even if someone has a chronic illness and we are desperate to try to help them, there may be things holding them back. There is always a secondary gain, whether or not you consciously appreciate it.

I saw a picture in the Guardian this morning and the caption summed up this dilemma for me. “Like giant balls of candy floss, thousands of tree stand covered in Spiders’ webs above the floodwaters in Sindh, Parkistan. When the area was flooded last year millions of spiders climbed into them. The consequences are good and bad: “The webs are slowly killing the tress, but there are lower levels of malaria because mosquitoes are being trapped in the webs.” says Russell Watkins of the Department of International Development.

Who knows what nature has in mind for us, and maybe planting more trees would help.

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