New insights for those who care for people with Dementia

For many years I have wanted to bring to the community of people interested in health, some of the insights I have received about Dementia and Alzheimer’s, for the point of view of a better understanding of memory loss.

Many years ago I was talking to someone who trains professional carers and I was inspired to see how my knowledge of NLP and Energetic NLP could help these people. Since then I have been trained as a Dementia Champion, been fascinated by the work of Naomi Feil, shared a hospital room for 2 weeks with a delightful lady with Dementia, who taught me so much, and talked with many relatives.I have now gathered together models that help people understand behaviour and tools that can help carers look after their own health. Do take a look at

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I wish you all the best and look forward to hearing your feedback.

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