New Perspectives on Chronic Fatigue and ME

If you have less energy than you want or expect, you can quickly makes changes once you understand the principles of their own personal energy.

Whether you are periodically exhausted, you have been diagnosed with CFS, ME, Fibromyalgia etc or have some chronic illness, you can rapidly make changes to your energy levels and your life.

Gaining a greater understanding of your energy flow, enables you to boost your energy for yourself and clear whatever is blocking your energy. You can transform any negative memories with a positive and compelling future.

There are many different therapies that are effective at releasing blocked energy; and, EnergeticNLP is a very powerful process that, once learnt, enables you to work on your own energy without the need for visiting a practitioner and without anyone else in your environment knowing.

EnergeticNLP enables you to release old events, emotions and confusion that are troubling you, plus emotional blocks, limiting beliefs, old programming etc. that you no longer need – a full “feng shui” letting go for the body. The great benefit is that you can just let go of whatever it is safe to release without looking further into any issues.

The techniques of EnergeticNLP are so simple that once learnt you can run them whenever and wherever you like; letting go of any negativity you have picked up and stimulating you own energy flow. You could describe EnergeticNLP as similar to the ritual of washing and brushing your teeth – a practice that allows you to clean off energetic/emotional stuff regularly.

Several members of the International Association have skills in helping people understand their own experience and learn new skills to set them up on a road to recovery.

Olive Hickmott has also published a book entitled “Recover your Energy”

You will find details of assistance at

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