The Power of Visualisation

The Power of Visualisation has been brilliantly demonstrated this summer by the Olympic and paralympic athletes and their coaches.  We’ve heard athletes talking about visualising themselves winning, being presented with their medal, performing a complex move, for example in gymnastics and diving, and the profound effect this has had on their performance and the working of their body. Most of us now take this as normal practice for athletes and sportsmen.

Less well accepted is the impact visualization can have on our health and learning – approaches that the International Association promote and have found to be so effective for individuals facing challenges.

David Festenstein, (Stroke Recovery)  after having a stroke, talks about the physio doing ‘a visualisation exercise getting me to hold my paralysed hand, visualising it opening while I opened and closed my left hand. She said although I would not necessary see or feel anything, this exercise would produce important brain activity.’  There were other examples given in ‘The Secret’.

People with learning difficulties e.g. dyslexia are visual learners. Visualization of pictures of a noun with the name written on it’ as well as of them selves being able to spell and read’ is fundamental to the International Associations approach to overcoming the negative symptoms of learning difficulties.

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