Colour Therapy for children on the Autistic Spectrum

Kate and Kath at the Art of Leadership,  are supporting the International Association’s project for research into Dyslexia,
Kate Griffiths and Kath Roberts are running a colour therapy session for children on the autistic spectrum who are between the ages of 6-10.  It will be on Saturday 24 January in Hitchin.   As it is a pilot, they are charging just £50 for the child and one parent to attend.  The benefits participants will gain from working with colour are:
  1. it will help to facilitate the children’s emotional and creative expression;
  2. all forms of connection and communication will become easier for the child through using the bottles;
  3. both parent and child will feel a greater sense of peace and calmness;
  4. parents will have greater resources to draw on when the going gets touch; and
  5. parents will become more open to the gifts that their child brings.
For more information or to book, contact Kate Griffiths on

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