Interested in Adoption and its implications?

Coach, trainer and author of Bubble Wrapped Children; Helen Oakwater’s mission is to help adults understand that adopted and foster childrens erratic and challenging behaviour results from their maltreatment and neglect in infancy.

As the adoptive parent of a sibling group adopted from the care system in the early ’90s Helen understands the legacy of trauma.  An NLP Coach and Trainer she has a unique set of skills and knowledge which she incorperates into her training, writing and conference speeches.

Helen is know for making sense of nonsense and leaving people feeling transformed.

Trauma Triggered Behaviour. Workshop for adopters, foster carers & professionals
Thursday 11th June or Tuesday 7th  July 9am.


FLEET: Forgiveness, Listening, Emotions, Empathy & Trauma: Workshop for Parents & Professionals.  Thursday 25th June or Wednesday 15th July 9am.

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