About the International Association

Health and Wellbeing for all

Vision and Mission

  1. To create new perspectives for health and learning
  2. To enable people throughout the world to live healthy fulfilling lives
  3. To be a global voice for change in health and learning
  4. To integrate these new perspectives into everyday experience

Health isn’t a pill, it’s a skill that we can all learn.  As we become curious about our challenges and look at how others are successful and lose our focus on illness. Everyone becomes sick from time to time and health is about how we can return to wellness.

Why is the International Association unique?  It is I believe the only membership organisation that positively gets involved in project work to get more work for practitioners and to bring about fundamental change in paradigms.

The International Association is a membership organisation dedicated to raising the profile and credibility of its members who are involved in teaching people how to improve their health and any learning challenges.

The International Association  is there to support practitioners who are skilled in guiding people to overcome their challenges, through a fundamental coaching model for change;  where the client is empowered to understand more about their own experience, learn new skills and take action.

The International Association is bringing together:

  • exceptional professional practitioners who are open to working together to achieve the best results for their clients and humanity in general
  • medical practitioners
  • general public with much practical experience.

Collaboration will create more credibility for the approaches and in turn create more work for the practitioners. Development Practitioners of the International Association  are developing programmes for health practitioners and corporate wellness programmes

The focus of the International Association  is to help people to help themselves and as such the techniques of NLP, Energetic NLP, EFT, Self-hypnosis, Empowering Learning, neuro-feedback, Heartmath, etc are all making valuable contributions.  The International Association is also bringing together research in these areas and is becoming a valuable knowledge pool for collaboration and assistance plus a resource library.  All full members have access to these areas.

Our challenge is to make knowledge more accessible to “the man/woman in the street”, enabling people to better understand their own experience, realise what is possible and be introduced to the important how to’s, in such a way that they are open to possibilities.


Various projects that relate to research and raising the profile of what is possible, help all the practitioners succeed and to spread the knowledge.



We are well on the road to achieving our vision of a world:

  • Where a truly holistic, person-centered approach is part of mainstream healthcare and education.
  • Where preventative healthcare and learning strategies are the prime focus.
  • Where differences, individuality and personal responsibility are honoured, respected and encouraged.
  • Where care of our energy system is as accepted a routine as teeth cleaning and washing.
  • Where therapists and care workers are aware of what is happening to their energy system and how to take appropriate care of themselves.
  • Where our approach becomes the complementary equivalent to vaccination or anti – malarial treatment.
  • Where it is taught in schools.
  • Where our type of complementary approach is available on the NHS.

By 2020

A world where everyone is living the life they choose.

  • Where people take back responsibility for their health and learning.
  • Where they know they have a real choice and can access their inner resources.
  • Where their choice is respected – whether we agree with it or not.
  • Where ‘our tools’  are available to all – and that it is up to them how or if, they choose to use them.