How to accelerate your catch-up programme

Empowering Learning™ is very flexible, offering products and services to complement the work that each school is undertaking in this programme. This is tailored to help their students catch up with their peers in literacy and numeracy as quickly as possible. We have a range of products and services to offer, to fit their budget. Our register of 29 Practitioners who are looking to support their local schools can be obtained from

We can offer the following products and services, tailor made to your requirements:

  • A literacy and numeracy workbook, especially for year 7 to develop their visual skills for spelling, reading,  maths, comprehension, dictionary work, short term memory and concentration. This workbook includes a audio CD, to explain all the literacy and numeracy concepts and simple exercises.
  • A Practitioner to work with small or entire groups, or one-to-one with those students identified in the catchup group. The practitioner will measure the improvements made through a self assessment with the student.
  • The practitioner can also provide a this self assessment for a larger group of students in order to target the ones that will most benefit from discovering how best to use their visual memory.
  • Empowering Learning can offer Practitioner training for school staff to ensure continuity in the school.
  • Other resources based on Bridges to Success – How to Transform Learning Difficulties.
    • The Book, Bridges to Success
    • The audio CD of exercises
    • The DVD of introductory videos (also available on youtube)

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