Adult Literacy in Ireland

NLP and MA Degree Research Project


Sara Haboubi, a member and Empowering Learning Practitioner, has completed her MA in Adult Learning and Development at NUI Galway. Her thesis is entitled ‘The impact of adopting a stress reduction technique and mental imagery skills for spelling on the  the self-efficacy in learning of adult learners with poor literacy.’ 
Her research project is on the use of NLP communication skills and the Empowering Learning methodology to help adults with literacy difficulties.  She says that “she has been humbled and amazed at the resilience of the human spirit”. The best part about the research group is that they have an acute awareness of how their spelling difficulties affect many other areas of their lives. This essential skill is not explicitly taught at school as most people are unaware of what the best internal strategies are for spelling. Whilst many people develop this skill naturally there are those that do not and can be left struggling for the rest of their lives…as she is seeing now.
The literacy review is particularly impressive linking educational practice, neuroscience and the coaching models of the Empowering Learning Methodology.  ”Learning through mental imagery has been a really neglected area of understanding until now. We are all very grateful for your perseverance” Olive Hickmott
If you are interested in the outcome of her research she will be delighted to send you a copy and share with you her insights.  Just mail her