Art Giser: Chakra Energy Spa

Many people know that there are chakras in their body. You may not realize just how powerful they are, and how much they limit your career, relationships, creativity, abundance, health, manifestation abilities, energy, success and all the other aspects of your life. chakrasJoin Art Giser for this very special 2 day workshop to discover the power of your chakras and experience transformative energies and attunements to clear and heal them. You will set your chakras to operate at a new level that will enhance your life. Over the course of the transformative weekend you will be relaxing, clearing, opening and empowering 12 of your most important chakras (yes 12!). We’re really looking forward to this life-afirming workshop on 9th and 10th of April with the internationally loved energy master Art Giser.  The current discounts on tickets are only available until this Sunday. Make sure you book yours now through this link:  This is not a workshop to teach you about your chakras, it is a weekend to release the power within them. Your inner wisdom and spirit know everything about your chakras, canadian online gambling much more than your conscious mind could ever know or comprehend. At the Chakra Energy Spa you will go beyond thinking and logic. You will put your inner wisdom and spirit in charge and use the extremely powerful energies Art will bring in to clear, heal and enhance your chakras. Book your ticket now to take advantage of the discounted tickets which are only available until this Sunday. If you have any questions about the workshop, please call Jemma on 0208 123 9736 or write to her

With our very warmest wishes,

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Attention creative and imaginative children.

Use your visual skills to master literacy and numeracy fast.

Free teleseminar

Do join us on Monday if you want to learn more

Trauma Triggered Behaviour Sat 18th March, London

Trauma Triggered Behaviour in Looked After and Adopted Children is suitable for foster carers, social workers, teachers and adopters; delivered by Bubble Wrapped Children author Helen Oakwater, founder of FAB Parents.

Helen is an inspirational speaker, do take a look at the details here:

Teaching for Neurodiversity webinars

Teaching for Neurodiversity Train the Trainer sessions will now be available as a series of 3 FREE one-hour webinars taking place in January/February 2017.  The aim of these DfE funded webinars is to help teachers and tutors from primary to post-16 understand, identify and provide appropriate teaching and support to young people with dyslexia and other SpLDs. The sessions include:

Primary, Secondary and Post-16 dedicated webinars Part 1: Seeing the whole picture webinar Part 2: Understanding Neurodiversity webinar Part 3: Classroom support strategies webinar

Each session is recorded and made available along with several resources and supported by the following organisations, with links to materials:

The Department for Education

The British Dyslexia Association

Dyslexia Action

The Dyspraxia Foundation Helen Arkell Patoss

Manchester Metropolitan University.



The consortium have done a great job bringing to the attention of the wider public, many of the key messages promoted by Empowering Learning, and in a really teacher friendly format, for example:

  • Neurodiversity is better than labelling and includes strengths with challenges
  • Breaking labels down into functional skills and creating a student profile built on these functional skills.
  • Metacognition – one of the most impactful and cost effective interventions to explain aspects of how we think and remember
  • Identifying a whole spectrum of overlapping learning difficulties labels, which together with functional skills gets away from a bit of this and a bit of that
  • Looking at what is behind poor behaviour
  • Using positive language
  • Allowing time to think

We recommend that whether or not you have engaged with Empowering Learning, you take a look at these FREE materials and then return so we can show you how you can take the next steps for your students, children and yourself with our #jumpstartingliteracy and numeracy, #pathwaystolearning programmes or individual coaching.

Masterclass: How to pick up the phone and get more prospective clients

Does the thought of picking up the phone and calling someone you do not know fill you with dread or even make you feel sick? And at the same time you know it would be immensely valuable to be to do this in order to build new relationships with prospective clients.  This could even help you with the “feast and famine” dips in your business and ensure you have a more consistent flow of work.

Maybe you have tried “Cold calling” in the past and it has not worked and you hated the rejection that came with it.

So if you would like to learn how to “start conversations from cold” that really do develop relationships and lead to business  then join David Festenstein who is a Communication Specialist (Master Practitioner in NLP) and Phone expert who has built relationships for over 20 years on the phone for companies and trained and coached business people who have had an intrinsic dislike of the phone to do this for themselves.

This Masterclass is FREE when you join in on-line, 8pm 5th April.  Register now and if you can’t make the time, you will be offered a recording.

In this webinar you will learn:

a) How to deal with your phobia/dislike of picking up the phone in the first place b) How to have an approach that will encourage you to pick up the phone on a regularly basis c) How to make use of the first 40secs of the call d) How to work with “gate-keepers” so they can help you get those all important appointments e) How to monitor your progress  to make sure you stay on track

This Masterclass is FREE when you join in on-line, 8pm 5th April.  Register now and if you can’t make the time, you will be offered a recording.

The truth about cancer

I have been listening to the 1st 3 part of this programme this week and I really recommend it to everyone.  It has brought together much I have heard as anecdotal evidence over the years, not known the science behind it and how it all fits together.  The topics, covered in 9 2-hour part are not just for Cancer but for health and wellbeing.

Their mission is to EDUCATE, EXPOSE AND ERADICATE.  Everyone needs to know about this content for prevention and treatment.


I have shared the link with you below as I believe will have a lot of useful information about cancer, not only that many of the topics are significent for Learning Difficulties. On Tuesday a 9 part docu-series was launched called “The Truth about Cancer” which is being streamed online. Each day a new episode is sent to your inbox and you can be currently watch for free the remaining episodes.

In this one of a kind docu-series, you’ll follow Ty Bollinger, as he travels the countryand the world sitting down with the foremost doctors, researchers, experts and survivors to find out their proven methods for preventing and treating cancer. Discover it for yourself today.

It is my intention that you gain powerful insights to help others with this information.


Art Giser Workshop 8th July: 3 Key Energetic Processes to Transform Your Life


First 25 Tickets at Discounted Price. We are delighted to welcome Art Giser back to the UK in July for a very special evening workshop on 3 Key Processes to Transform Your Life. Many people have been reporting to us that they are going through challenging times of great change at the moment. In this workshop, Art will be teaching you some simple yet powerful techniques that will greatly assist you to deal with these challenges, and in the process, help you to transform your life.  Read all about the “3 Key Processes to Transform Your Life” workshop and make sure you grab one of the discounted tickets here: If you are new to Art’s work, then you should know that his workshops are consistently described as being transformational and life-changing. We don’t use those words lightly – they are a reflection of feedback we have had from participant after participant in his programmes. Art’s teachings help you to work with your own energy, and he believes that being able to work with your own energy system is one of the key elements to living a successful, healthy, vital, loving, and meaningful life.  Tickets for Art’s workshops usually go very quickly, so please do book your seat now to ensure you get one of the first 25 tickets at the Early Bird price: We hope you can join us for this unique and special opportunity to enrich your present and future. If there is anything you need, please let us know. With our very warmest wishes, Jemma and Duncan Jemma Prittie & Duncan Turner Solar Events 0208 123 9736

“Self Doubt to Self Belief” – FREE Online Workshop with Art Giser

We are excited to announce a FREE online workshop with the fantastic Art Giser, the creator of Energetic NLP, on the 23rd of June.

What is self belief?

Why do we doubt ourselves?

We have all have beliefs and programming that limit our potential and abilities.

Because of our self doubt we can keep ourselves in a box.

As we release this programming, we open up our potential to develop our full capabilities, and even to develop capabilities that we might think are beyond us.

People let self doubt stop them from being who they can be and living a more fulfilling life.

Follow this link to register for this workshop and please quote the code TIAHL when speaking with Solar Events:

In this call, we will be clearing programming that causes us to doubt ourselves and opening up to more of our potential. We will also enhance our knowing that the universe will support us, and our belief in our potential and capabilities.

Follow this link to find out more and to register for the workshop:

Art is a gifted Spiritual teacher, and always gets fantastic feedback from participants. Here is a small selection from a recent workshop he ran:

“I am new to Energy work, unlike many of the participants, yet I found the work accessible and fun. Art is a wonderful teacher and facilitates with compassion and a great sense of humour. There were many a-ha moments for me, and I await to see what magic and synchronicity will unfold in the days to come.”

“Art’s workshop delivered as always. I love Energetic NLP and this weekend was no exception: profound healing, powerful processes, transformative change and lots of inspiration all delivered with Art’s great humour and lightness and large doses of fun and laughter.”

We hope you can join us for this powerful, online workshop to help you really begin to connect with your spiritual path.Click here to register!

With our very warmest wishes,

Art, Jemma & the Solar Events Team

Jemma Prittie Solar Events 0208 123 9736

Interested in Adoption and its implications?

Helen Oakwater

Coach, trainer and author of Bubble Wrapped Children; Helen Oakwater’s mission is to help adults understand that adopted and foster childrens erratic and challenging behaviour results from their maltreatment and neglect in infancy.

As the adoptive parent of a sibling group adopted from the care system in the early ’90s Helen understands the legacy of trauma.  An NLP Coach and Trainer she has a unique set of skills and knowledge which she incorperates into her training, writing and conference speeches.

Helen is know for making sense of nonsense and leaving people feeling transformed.

Trauma Triggered Behaviour. Workshop for adopters, foster carers & professionals Thursday 11th June or Tuesday 7th  July 9am.


FLEET: Forgiveness, Listening, Emotions, Empathy & Trauma: Workshop for Parents & Professionals.  Thursday 25th June or Wednesday 15th July 9am.

Book here:


Doctors plan curb on “unnescessary treatments”

I have always wondered whether overprescription of things like antibiotics make MRSA a larger problem.  Perhaps this research might help to investigate this.