Interested in Adoption and its implications?

Helen Oakwater

Coach, trainer and author of Bubble Wrapped Children; Helen Oakwater’s mission is to help adults understand that adopted and foster childrens erratic and challenging behaviour results from their maltreatment and neglect in infancy.

As the adoptive parent of a sibling group adopted from the care system in the early ’90s Helen understands the legacy of trauma.  An NLP Coach and Trainer she has a unique set of skills and knowledge which she incorperates into her training, writing and conference speeches.

Helen is know for making sense of nonsense and leaving people feeling transformed.

Trauma Triggered Behaviour. Workshop for adopters, foster carers & professionals Thursday 11th June or Tuesday 7th  July 9am.


FLEET: Forgiveness, Listening, Emotions, Empathy & Trauma: Workshop for Parents & Professionals.  Thursday 25th June or Wednesday 15th July 9am.

Book here:


Doctors plan curb on “unnescessary treatments”

I have always wondered whether overprescription of things like antibiotics make MRSA a larger problem.  Perhaps this research might help to investigate this.

Guardian: Psychiatric drugs more harm than good expert

Notice this article includes ADHD drugs.  Please post your comments below, especially from those using ADHD drugs.

Energy Matters: Rescuing my energy

How many people do you know who find themselves:

  • short of energy?
  • drained at the end of the day?
  • affected by other people “dumping” on them?
  • know that stress exhausts them?
  • working in a role where you meet a lot of people, who zap your energy?
  • struggling to sleep with a racing mind?

Some may even have been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue, ME, SAD, post-viral something or other. All these experiences have one thing in common: the person has picked up other peoples’ energy and is short of their own energy. There are really simple ways to better manage and enhance your energy. You can learn the skills quickly and use them in minutes, anytime, anywhere.

You can learn a 10 minute daily routine, that you can easily do on your way to work, to let go of some of the “stuff” we all collect as we go through the our lives, and how to get your energy flowing well. People who help others as a carer, professional or in anyway interacting with the public, even if just on public transport,  will find learning these simple skills invaluable.

Many people believe that the ability to let your energy flow through your body is a key element in our health. Energy blocks can happen due to all sorts of things; emotions, operations, accidents, traumas – join us and experience how you can start your own energy flowing throughout your body and see what effects that could have on your health.

Olive Hickmott and Anne Smith, are offering bi-weekly masterclasses for everyone to understand more about their energy, on Tuesday mornings at 10am UK time, starting on 19th May.  To book a block of 4 teleseminars, either live or by accessing recordings, sign up at: Energy matters: Rescuing my energy


I love it when science proves us right!

Sara Haboubi, an Empowering Learning Practitioner and Trainer in Ireland, posted this recently.

Cutting edge research from neuroscientists at Georgetown University Medical Centre has shown that, ‘We are not recognizing words by quickly spelling them out or identifying parts of words, as some researchers have suggested. Instead, neurons in a small brain area remember how the whole word looks – using what could be called a visual ‘dictionary”Read the full article in Journal of Neuroscience here…

This research conclusively proves what those of us who have been using the Empowering Learning process for some time believe, that using extra phonics to help those with ‘phonological deficiencies’ is not as effective as teaching explicit strategies for accessing the visual part of the brain and the Word Form Area (WFA).

Empowering Learning has three main tenets, these are:

1.       Mental Imagery, the main element if visual learning, is a critical component of all effective learning.

2.       In order for learning to occur the student must be in the optimal learning state, a relaxed body and alert mind, and this state is essential for accessing and controlling mental imagery.

3.       Although some learners innately know how to use mental imagery and get into the optimal learning state, these are skills that can be taught to other learners, provided the right approach is utilised.

The Empowering Learning process is much more than just a spelling strategy, although this is where we begin. Once spelling has been mastered, reading and comprehension follow. This leads to an improvement in all areas of literacy. It doesn’t end there. Mental imagery is also essential for numeracy skills and foreign languages. Irish spelling is a great example of how mental imagery can make all the difference. And the best part….once a learner knows how to use their mental imagery effectively they can continue to use this skill without any additional help, empowering them to go on and learn more effectively and efficiently in all areas.

So, if you are a parent, teacher, SNA, principal or a literacy coach working with learners with learning difficulties, this course is essential. The process can be used with learners of all ages, from primary school to adults seeking to improve literacy and numeracy skills. 

Join the ground-breaking Empowering Learning community and see what remarkable differences. YOU can start making in the lives of others. See below for details of the upcoming course in Ireland and for other courses.

Empowering Learning: Jump-starting Literacy and Numeracy Practitioner Course Course fee – €395

Dates: Day 1 – Sunday 10th May, 9 am – 5 pm Day 2 – Sunday 24th May, 9.30 am – 5 pm

Venue: St Joseph’s National School, Rathwire, Killucan, Co Westmeath

The SEND Reforms and my family – new dates

  HCC, in partnership with HPCI, is running free one day sessions for parents and carers that will explain what the new reforms to Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) provision mean for families in Hertfordshire and provide the opportunity to ask questions.

A  light lunch / Tea will be provided.

Venues in Watford, Hitchin and Hatfield.

Free 1-year on-line subscription to Heartmath

Institute of HeartMath is offering complimentary one-year online subscriptions to Global Advances in Health and Medicine … where you can continue reading the complete article on heart rate variability. GAHM is an international multimedia communications platform and indexed scientific medical journal featuring current and archived articles, essays, study reviews and other website content. The authors are scientists, researchers and professionals from many fields and organizations, including IHM and the Global Coherence Initiative, which contribute periodically. Click here to register and activate your free onlineGAHM subscription.


Find out how to dramatically improve literacy and quickly


Come along and find out for yourself, how you and your children can picture words to improve literacy and Dyslexia.  It is easy when you know how. Book your place for yourself or with a child.

This breakthrough workshop will enable you to make a start, and signpost you to more assistance if required. At £5 per family this is terrific value; register here:

Only 20 places so sign up quickly

To find out more go to or mail  Other tools are available to improve handwriting, reading, numeracy, concentration, comprehension, sequencing and accelerate many more academic skills.

This event is sponsored by the International Association for Health and Learning and any profit made will go into their research budge

“Most types of cancer largely down to bad luck rather than lifestyle or genes”

The Guardian reported on this recent research on January 1st 2015.

• The article was amended on 2 January 2015 to reflect more accurately the findings of the study: that while most cases of cancer are largely the result of bad luck rather than other factors, all cancers are caused by a combination of factors, including bad luck, lifestyle and genes.

Having worked with people with a variety of cancers, I feel the belief that “cancer is largely down to to bad luck” disempowers people and takes away individual responsibility.  What are your view? Please post your views here.

Colour Therapy for children on the Autistic Spectrum

Kate and Kath at the Art of Leadership,  are supporting the International Association’s project for research into Dyslexia, Kate Griffiths and Kath Roberts are running a colour therapy session for children on the autistic spectrum who are between the ages of 6-10.  It will be on Saturday 24 January in Hitchin.   As it is a pilot, they are charging just £50 for the child and one parent to attend.  The benefits participants will gain from working with colour are:
  1. it will help to facilitate the children’s emotional and creative expression;
  2. all forms of connection and communication will become easier for the child through using the bottles;
  3. both parent and child will feel a greater sense of peace and calmness;
  4. parents will have greater resources to draw on when the going gets touch; and
  5. parents will become more open to the gifts that their child brings.
For more information or to book, contact Kate Griffiths on