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We maybe years or decades away from having a real understanding about why Dementia, in all its forms, happens and how to best help those who painstakingly care for their loved ones.  Meanwhile it is the number 1 health challenge of our time and there are thousands of people, who through their own experience may be able to  contribute tiny parts of the overall jig-saw puzzle.

During Dementia Awareness week, The International Association for Health and Learning brought together a number of specialist speakers who can contribute to some New Perspectives on Dementia for those people who are carers or concerned about their own ageing.  In addition there was an open forum where delegates will be able to contribute their own first hand knowledge to assist others.  It is our belief that carers are the true experts in this field and have much to offer each other.  Each session was 1 hour and recorded.

New Perspectives on Dementia was an on-line sharing tetesummit and hence priced for everyone.  Please let us know your circumstances if you are unable to pay and we will help you. For any queries please mail olive@tiahl.org. The programme is mapped out below (all times are UK times):

Art Giser: The conference will open with Art Giser, fellow of the International Association for Health and Learning, and creator of the internationally acclaimed, healing modality,  Energetic NLP.  He will talk about “Helping carers to maintain their own health”.

Diana Kingham:  “Preventing Dementia – could this be possible?”

Diane Pope, SHEARS:  Navigating the complex world of care and support.

Open forum.  Tell us the messages you would like to be able to give others, to assist them.  

Karina Grant,  Quantum Touch Trainer.  New scientific research now backs up that love plays a key role in brain development. Just how much is a dementia sufferer’s brain affected by the emotions held by the carer? Karina will talk about the healing role of the carer, how it is vital that we understand the huge impact that love has on the brain and how we can change the future of dementia with this knowledge.

Olive Hickmott: Olive will talk about her work with those caring for people with Dementia that is documented in How to reduce the impact of Dementia – insights for carers: Living in different time zones.  This covers the following 3 areas and is available FREE in downloadable serial form for anyone joining this conference  www.dementia.simpleskills.co.uk   “Olive has researched techniques that help carers deal with dementia sufferers. She patiently and carefully shared these with me and they helped me better understand how to communicate with my father and help him” David

The role of music in improving the quality of life and raising self-esteem.  Dramatic changes can happen to people through music song and dance. Donna Blinston and Olive Hickmott discuss their experiences of how to stimulate responses often from people who can’t walk, talk feed themselves or communicate in any way and have achieved some amazing results.

Dr Lynda Shaw Neuroscientist, Psychologist specialising in ageing.   The Importance of Community.  Not long ago 3 or even 4 generations would sit round the table eating and chatting. Neighbours would appear invited or not, the door was never locked. Times have changed, but we haven’t. We still need to feel we belong to a group of people.  Isolation kills and it kills slowing and it exacerbates dementia.  Lynda will discuss how vital community is in terms of psychology and the brain.

Helen Oakwater, Author and Coach : Why Extreme Self Care is Essential.  Helen will weave the learnings of the week with strategies for carers to enhancing their own wellbeing. We must recognise that working with dementia is an all terrain, extended marathon not a sprint: hence carers must prepare, maintain and empower themselves accordingly.

To conclude Olive Hickmott, Director of the International Association for Health and Learning will be bringing the conference to a close, until the next time.

New Perspectives on Dementia: Conference CDs
New Perspectives on Dementia: Conference CDs
Price: £25.00

and you will be sent the double pack CD and lots of  free bonuses, from the contributors.


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