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The foundation of the Empowering Health approach is in empowering people to heal themselves using their own resources, thus enabling them to grow.

The way you think can make you healthy – or unhealthy. Changing the way you think about yourself or your condition can give you extra resources to enable you to be healthy by tapping into your body’s own unconscious healing powers.  You can see how improvements can be made by realizing the power of your own mind to help.Empowering Health offers coaching and workshops for individuals and practitioners toteach them these techniques and insights.

We are all used to consulting our doctor, taking medical advice. So how about getting some more help…..from yourself? You are the expert on yourself and your condition! Would you like to understand how your own internal state of mind also influences your bodily health? There are effective ways to release old negative emotions, traumas and limiting beliefs that may have been holding you stuck in a particular state. Freeing yourself from these can significantly assist your recovery.

Empowering Health have worked with people suffering from:

  • ME / Chronic Fatigue / SAD / Post-viral Syndrome; more information

  • the flu – activate your healing energy and aid you recovery; more info

  • problems such as loss of hearing and migraines

  • skin problems such as Eczema, Psoriases

  • progressive diseases such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, MS

  • the early stages of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Dementia

  • physical injuries as a result of a “trauma/accident”.

Of course it is much better to try to make changes in the early stages of a problem rather than waiting to take action as a last resort. Take a look around this short web-site and see if you are inspired; at the very least you will learn some interesting things that may fire your curiosity. We suggest you start by deciding how you would like to be – generally you think about how you would like not to be, or maybe don’t give yourself permission to think about yourself.

The Empowering Health approach using Energetic NLP has been particularly effective with conditions where fatigue is a key factor – essentially an absence of energy. See: Energy Matters and Recover Your Energy.

N.B. Empowering Health and Energy Matters are not a replacement for conventional medicine or other alternative / complementary approaches available to you. It is complementary to these and can enhance your treatment and recovery.

Empowering Health Practitioners See: http://www.tiahl.org/members/register-of-members/

Empowering Health Trainings


Health Coaching trainings:

Empowering Health Products 

N.B All commission from these sales go into the International Association’s research projects.

How to reduce the impact of Dementia – insights for carers (NP5).  £9.95  This is an electronic e-book, delivered £14.95 in several parts  On-line Payment

You Too Can ‘Do’ Health! (NP2) book   £13.95 On-line Payment

Special Offer: You Too Can ‘Do’ Health ! (NP2) book + Energetic NLP CD £24.95 On-line Payment

Recover Your Energy (NP3) book  £9.99  On-line Payment

Special offer:You Too Can ‘DoHealth! + Recover Your Energy  £20.00 On-line Payment

Recover Your Energy CD: Meditations £14.95 On-line payment

Special Offer: Recover Your Energy book + meditations CD £20.00 On-line Payment

Recover Your Energy 2 CD pack: Talking book £19.95 On-line Payment

How to improve Allergies and Reduce Food Intolerances – CD £14.95 On-line Payment

How to Improve Period Pains, PMS and the Menopause £14.95 On-line Payment

Activate your healing energy…to aid your recovery from the flu £14.95 On-line Payment

How to Improve your Recovery from Physical Injuries or Operations. 2CD pack  £19.95 On-line Payment


Free video resources

For the carers of those with Dementia; 2 radio recordings


Contact Empowering Health – Olive Hickmott

See www.empoweringhealth.co.uk to access information about Olive Hickmott and her network of health coache’s work on health challenges.

For Chronic Fatigue and ME See www.energymatters.me.uk.


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