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Empowering Health has a number of books and resources, mainly written by Olive Hickmott

How to reduce the impact of Dementia – insights for carers (NP5).  £9.95  This is an electronic e-book, delivered in several parts  On-line Payment

You Too Can ‘Do’ Health! (NP2) book   £13.95 On-line Payment

Special Offer: You Too Can ‘Do’ Health ! (NP2) book + Energetic NLP CD £24.95 On-line Payment

Recover Your Energy (NP3) book  £9.99  On-line Payment

Special offer:You Too Can ‘DoHealth! + Recover Your Energy  £20.00 On-line Payment

Recover Your Energy CD: Meditations £14.95 On-line payment

Special Offer: Recover Your Energy book + meditations CD £20.00 On-line Payment

Recover Your Energy 2 CD pack: Talking book £19.95 On-line Payment

How to improve Allergies and Reduce Food Intolerances – CD £14.95 On-line Payment

How to Improve Period Pains, PMS and the Menopause £14.95 On-line Payment

Activate your healing energy…to aid your recovery from the flu £14.95 On-line Payment

How to Improve your Recovery from Physical Injuries or Operations. 2CD pack  £19.95 On-line Payment

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