Empowering Learning Conference, Sept 2015

Igniting the Spirit of Collaboration

Igniting the Spirit of Collaboration


The conference was entitled Igniting the Energy of Collaboration and it certainly did that, “lighting the blue touch paper” and accelerating the progress of millions with learning challenges.

It was a chance to meet Empowering Learning Coaches / Practitioners and create more awareness in your chosen community about how learning simple skills can make such a difference to those with learning difficulties/differences. Our mission for Empowering Learning is to enable families and adults all over the world to benefit from learning new skills and quite simply excel;  banishing a whole range of learning, behavioural and emotional challenges.

We had special guest speakers including: Art Giser, creator of Energetic NLP and  Se McCarthy, Principal of a Primary School in Co. Westmeath, Ireland

Those who joined us walked away:

  • With first hand knowledge about the latest Empowering Learning developments and our “Mission Possible” vision
  • Inspirations of real life success stories from parents, adults and schools
  • New friendships with other like minded people and the opportunity to assist them in their journeys
  • Personal ideas and plans to immediately create success for you, your family and your clients
  • Relationships with all the Empowering Learning Trainers.
  •  A great goodie bag of resources, unique to the event.

If you were not able to join us, do contact olive@tiahl.org for a summary of the event.

Sponsored by the International Association for Health and Learning (www.tiahl.org)

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