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What makes Empowering Learning’ s unique approach so different?

We work with those who have various Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD) diagnoses, looking past the diagnosis to helping people use their fabulous skills to transform any limiting symptoms they have.

The visual sense is the fastest system we have for learning and is the natural way young children learn – using their imagination.

Empowering Learning is focused on what people can do rather than what they can’t do.

Empowering Learning teaches people how to get into the best emotional state for learning.

Families are engaged whenever possible.

Teachers learn how students learn visually, incorporating a full multi-sensory learning experience.

Empowering Learning has studied how people without learning challenges think and behave.

The philosophy is a coaching person-centered approach.

Empowering Learning Training Courses in UK and Ireland Levels 1 and 2. See go to the diary of events        www.empoweringlearning.co.uk    


Empowering Learning Practitioners are all Certified Full Members of the International Association. See register http://www.tiahl.org/members/register-of-members/.

Empowering Learning Products

N.B. All commission from these sales go into the International Association’s research projects)

Bridges to Success – How to Transform Learning Difficulties (NP4) book £9.99  On-line Payment

Bridges to success: CD -meditations and Exercises £14.95  On-line Payment

Special offer: Bridges to Success book plus meditations and exercises CD £20.00 On-line Payment

Bridges to Success Guide for Teachers, Support Staff and teachers – improve your literacy and numeracy, including Pass Literacy On CD £19.95 On-line Payment

Special offer Success Toolkit 1: Bridges to Success book, study guide including CD, bookchair, grounding timer, postits and pens £40.00 On-line Payment

Special offer Success Toolkit 2 (UK only): e-learning Empowering Learning Foundation Programme+Bridges to Success book+ study guide including CD+ bookchair+ grounding timer+ postits + pens £80.00 On-line Payment

DVD: Bridges to Success Introductions  £10.00  On-line Payment

Waldorf – the dog who isn’t word blind  £5.50  On-line Payment

Special offer: Seeing Spells Achieving + Bridges to success  £15  On-line Payment


Inspirational Resources

Every day we hear inspirational stories about what individuals have achieved.  This area of the website is where we will draw together these stories to inspire others.  An index appears here with links to articles.

If you have a story to add, please mail olive@tiahl.org

  • Family learning – the story of how one family changed some of the Aspergers and ADHD symptoms in their family
  • Family learning – changing dyslexia in the family – jimandjamie
  • Was this really “hayfever” – katetestimonial



Health and Wellbeing for all


Empowering Learning Free Introductory Videos

The Organic View radio show:Olive Hickmott discusses NLP in ADHD


Find out how simple skills can transform learning difficulties at www.empoweringlearning.co.uk

See:        www.empoweringlearning.co.uk to access information about Olive Hickmott and her network of trainers’ work for learning difficulties.

Click on the link to access the 2013 FREE 30 minute conversation series

Sara Haboubi and Olive Hickmott talk about adult literacy

Jane Travis and Olive Hickmott talk about importance of coaching style interventions for Dyslexia

Brendan Dobrowolny and Olive Hickmott talk about Mental Imagery for effective learning

Gemma Bailey and Olive Hickmott discuss “Don’t let your child struggle any longer”

Marilyn Devonish and Olive Hickmott discuss “Photoreading is invaluable and easy”

Alison Crafts and Olive Hickmott discuss measurable results from the year 7 catchup programme

Penny Perry and Olive Hickmott discuss learning difficulties and the lizard brain

Energetic NLP and learning difficulties: Olive Hickmott talks with Art Giser


Empowering Learning


Empowering Learning – Olive Hickmott



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