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Sat 7th April 2018:  Unlock Your Next level of Miraculous Abilities.  
2 Hours of individual and group coaching, clairvoyant “whole-being” readings, remote transformative energy work, powerful group energy processes and more!

  • Remote “whole-being™”reading of your energy and blocks to Your Next Level of Miraculous Abilities!
  • Energetic NLP Energy Spa™ processes.
  • Individual transformative energy work.
  • Receive laser coaching
  • and more

Book Here http://energeticnlp.com/learn-enlp/unlocknow/


Energetic NLP www.energeticnlp.com

Energetic NLP is a system of simple concepts, tools and techniques that allow you to clear and develop your energy field, and open up to your full brilliance as you begin to reconnect with the divine and blast through any energetic blocks that are holding you back in life. It is a synthesis of the best from NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Energetic Systems, Intuition Development and Spiritual Development.   It accelerates the changes made using conventional NLP and is even more powerful.  Many people believe that the ability to let your energy flow through your body is a key element in our health. Energy blocks can happen due to all sorts of things including emotions, operations, accidents, traumas. These can be removed quickly and easily and have profound effects on your health and all aspects of your life. 

Over the last 29 years, through studying with all the developers of NLP, prominent spiritual leaders and a number of different energetic and spiritual systems, Art has developed Energetic NLP into the innovative and ground-breaking field that it is today.


Energetic NLP Courses and Workshops

To book Art’s programmes in the UK, please contact jemma@solar-events.co.uk and let her know you came through the International Association for Health and Learning. Any commission from these course bookings and resources sales will then go into the International Association’s research projects. 

Energetic NLP Level 1, Level 2 Level 3 and Level 4.

These unique 4-day Energetic NLP programmes are taken by Art Giser, the creator of Energetic NLP. Art comes over from San Francisco regularly, to run these very successful programmes.

Each programme is fantastic value, supporting you to master the healing skills for your energy and to be able to help others. Early bird discounts are available, and if you can’t join us for the whole 4 days, 1 or 2 day introductions are offered. The price includes the 4 days, plus pre & post course tele-seminars and several downloadable meditations.


Resources: Art Giser’s Energetic NLP Products 


Energetic NLP CD £14.95 On-line Payment


Energetic NLP Free Introductory Videos


Art’s audio introduction to his 2-day programme “Sharing your gifts with the world”

Sign up for more Free Energetic NLP Guided Energy Processes at Art Giser’s website www.EnergeticNLP.com

Contact Energetic NLP – Art Giser

www.energeticnlp.com to access Art Giser’s website. There are some invaluable downloads that the International Association recommends and you can signup for the Energise your Life – free audio and video series at our link.


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