Energy Matters: An Introduction to Energetic NLP

 How many people do you know who find themselves short of energy, effected by other people “dumping” on them, muddle headed? Some may even have been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue, ME, SAD or post-viral something or other. All these experiences have one thing in common: the person is short of energy. There are really simple ways to better manage and enhance your energy.

You can learn how to let go of some of the “stuff” we all collect as we go through the our lives, and how to get your energy flowing well.

Many people believe that the ability to let your energy flow through your body is a key element in our health. Energy blocks can happen due to all sorts of things; emotions, operations, accidents, traumas – join us and experience how you can start freeing your own energy and see what effects that could have on your health.

In addition to Energetic NLP we also call on the connections between energy and learning difficulties, thanks to the experience of Empowering Learning and the multiple brain research of mBraining.


Energy Matters Workshops and Coaching

Contact or for 1-1 coaching or to arrange a workshop for your local community.  


Energy Matters Resources

We are offering  the following Masterclasses for everyone to understand more about their energy.  To access recordings of the first block of 5, register here:

Energy Matters - teleseminar recordings
Energy Matters - teleseminar recordings
Price: £75.00

You can return over again.  Anne will soon be adding some scripts for the processes.


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  • As the creator of Energetic NLP, I am thrilled that Anne and Olive will be leading these sessions. They are both very experienced and talented in Energetic NLP, and have a total commitment to helping other people. Do yourself a favor and listen to these sessions.

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