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Pathways to Learning™ is built on the EPIC Resource Centre™, designed to offer skills training for parents, teachers, support staff and coaches.  In our experience people with ADHD, Aspergers, Autism, Sensory Overload, Tourettes, etc are Exceptionally Perceptive, Intelligent and Creative; in short EPIC individuals.  These resources will help you to understand the experiences that are behind the behaviours you are observing. #pathwaystolearning

Pathways to learning is a blended learning programme based on the EPIC Resource Centre and enhanced by personal coaching. Each collection below contains a series of short training videos, links to additional video content articles, research papers and other resources.

The EPIC Resources Centre,  is divided into the following different collections

  • Youtube videos:  These are a copy of those freely available on Youtube.  They cover the background as to why we hold the views we do and have proved a valuable marketing tool for Practitioners, so you are welcome to copy them wherever you wish.
  • EPIC Overviews:  Opens the bigger picture and gives some background about our view and brief summaries as to the relevance for various learning, social, emotional and behavioural issues.
  • EPIC Strengths: Taking a very strength-based approach to all of this work. Finding and working with the individual’s strengths, enabling everyone to be EPIC.
  • EPIC Mental Images: One of the core differentiators of Empowering Learning, and our understanding of the neglected world of mental imagery that is so vital to creative people. An extension to those covered in Jumpstarting
  • Mental Images of Words: Essential for literacy (part of jumpstarting literacy)
  • Mental Images of Numbers: Essential for Numeracy (part of jumpstarting literacy)
  • EPIC Study skills: Some basics of mind mapping etc for Jumpstarting and more will be added later for Pathways
  • EPIC Pantomimes: Studying behaviours, what do they tell us and what is behind them in the inner and invisible worlds.  ”Things I would like my parents to have known”
  • EPIC Fear and Safety: Very high levels of stress and trauma, with skills to learn to quieten the Amygdala (Lizard Brain)
  • EPIC Energy Matters: Introducing the all-important area of the body and the environment’s energy
  • EPIC Choice: The coaching approach, a personal roadmap, motivation, empowering families, all go into the mix for different students
  • EPIC Diet and Gut: This is going to be very important and is under development.  Currently contains lots of research from which some protocols, to offer children will be developed
  • The EPIC Natural Defence Mechanisms. The importance of stimming, disassociation etc.

All the material is located on the Dentrite training platform (, that also hosts the inspirational Bloodhound 1000mph car project and offers extensive learning programmes, many of which are open source.

The EPIC Resource Centre is used as the basis, by Empowering Learning to run a blended learning programme, entitled Pathways to Learning. This programme personal coaching sessions, from Olive Hickmott, the founder of this work.

Pre-requisite for this programme is to have completed the Empowering Learning Jumpstarting Literacy and Numeracy programme.    For more information contact or just click the appropriate link below to register on line:

Click the correct price to book: £395 (Special offer currently reduced from £495)

 or £50 (upgrade when trained initially since Nov 2014)

or £149 (upgrade when trained pre-nov 2014)

To book Jumpstarting Literacy and Numeracy plus Pathways to learning  £695





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