Exhaustion – may or may not be ME and Chronic Fatigue

  • What can you do to achieve the health and vitality you want?
  • Are you an empathetic person who is always a “good ear” for your friends’ problems, issues and challenges?
  • Do you find that some negative television programmes such as bad news and some of the soaps, trigger exhaustion?
  • Did your symptoms start at the time of a major change in your life and a high level of stress?
  • Have you got cold hands or feet?
  • Do you feel a lot of responsibility for others and that you need to give them energy?
  • Are you the sort of person who has hundreds of things to do running around in your head, in a never ending race? Do you find it difficult to prioritise and make decisions?
  • Are you perhaps a therapist who picks up negative energy from your clients, as they release their issues?
  • Do you get a real muzzy feeling in your head?
  • Are you a doctor or a dentist, with some clients who exhaust you for no particular reason, e.g. its not the complexity of the dentistry?
We have a book called Recover your Energy and a full CD of the material here. 

Many conditions are associated with exhaustion, even just going for a hospital appointment can exhaust you.  Most people with ME, Chronic Fatigue, SAD or post-viral syndrome would agree that if their energy was running freely throughout their body all the time, they would feel great.

You can start today to get a greater understanding of your own energy.

Olive Hickmott, often meets people who have less energy than they want and can describe “dragging their body around”.  

EnergeticNLP, the technique I use, will give you a greater understanding of your energy flow, enable you to boost your energy for yourself and clear whatever blocks your energy.

There are many different therapies that are effective at releasing blocked energy; however, EnergeticNLP is the only process that, once learnt, enables you to work on your own energy without the need for visiting a therapist and without anyone else in your environment knowing.

EnergeticNLP enables you to release old events, emotions and confusion that is troubling you, plus emotional blocks, limiting beliefs, old programming etc. that you no longer need – a full “feng shui” letting go for the body.

The techniques of EnergeticNLP are very simple so that you can run them whenever and wherever you like, letting go of any negativity you have picked up and firing you own energy flow. You could describe EnergeticNLP as similar to the ritual of washing and brushing your teeth – so you are learning to let go of not just physical dirt but energetic/emotional stuff too, as a regular habit.

There are several places you can start:

  • Go onto the energetic NLP page on facebook and listen to some of Art Giser’s videos. He is the creator of energetic NLP and very generous in supply free resources.
  • You can contact Art directly through EnergeticNLP.com
  • You can contact Olive Hickmott, olive@empoweringhealth.co.uk

With EnergeticNLP you will:

  • Learn just a little bit about how your body’s energy is organised. Where it comes from, and especially important is where it goes to
  • Investigate where your energy is blocked and start to release it – this may be as a result of physical injury or an operation or simply as a result of storing up negative emotions and limiting beliefs, that prevent your energy flowing.
  • Start to clear your mind of some of the confusion that triggers exhaustion and “muzzyness”.
  • Look after your own energy and then you will be better able to help others.
  • Investigate and resolve what triggers an energy crash.
  • Start doing things that you really enjoy and are important to you – this will give you energy.

We have a book and a full CD of the material here. 

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