How to just feel better

Most people when they are unhappy are looking down.  Many who have chronic illnesses are depressed, the worst thing you can do is to look down – this is where you access your emotions.


We can learn how someone is thinking by watching their eye movements as their eyes contain brain cells and movements of our eyes reflect how we are accessing our internal world.  We look up for visual (V), sideways for auditory (A) and down for kinaesthetic (K) feelings and self-talk.  The person may well not even be aware of these movements, they are so fast.  In addition, the emphasis on looking to the right or the left is sometimes reversed, there is nothing wrong, this is just how someone is.

If someone is telling you they are not happy they will probably be looking down.  Ask then to sit back in the chair and look up.  After a few minutes ask them about the difference.  They will probably say that it seems better when they are looking up. We have the expression in the English language “things are looking up” or “I am feeling down”. Change you line of visual and see what happens to your mood.

If someone is struggling with anything they are doing – reading, writing, walking, etc get to look up and compare their experiences.

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