Government Announcement of Year 7 Catch-up Programme

In 2012, Nick Clegg announced funding for Year 7 students  to catch up in literacy and numeracy with their peers. Funding has now been sent directly to schools by the Rt.  Hon. David Laws, Minister of State for Schools.

  1. The funding is £500 for each Year 7 student who fell below the national standard in English or Maths in their Year 6 SATS.  In 2012 there were 13% of pupils below the standard in reading, and 16% in Maths (109,000 students in total).  The total allocation that has been provided is £54.5M and schools were told in February 2013 what level of funding they were to receive.
  2. The national standard in both Literacy and Maths is level 4. This means that students who were assessed as below level 4 are eligible for the funding.
  3. This funding is only available to those students in state-funded schools, including Pupil Referral Units (PRUs), special schools, academies and free schools.
  4. The funding is to be used for additional individual tuition or intensive support in small groups, for students to catch-up with their peers.  The government acknowledge that this may also reduce disruptive behaviour.
  5. The government is committed to this one-off payment, continuing to at least the end of the current spending review in 2015.
  6. This catch-up funding is completely independent of and in addition to any Pupil Premium applicable for SEN or low income families.
  7. Schools have been asked to write to parents and inform them. Both parents and OFSTED will be looking for measurable results.
  8. The government recommend that schools receiving this funding publish information on their websites about how they are using the funding, alongside the information they publish about use of the pupil premium.

(Source: Department of Education Web-site


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