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  • I seem to have tried everything, is there really another way?

Was this really hayfever:

” I approached Olive because I thought that she may be able to help me with my symptoms of ‘hayfever’. I was suffering a severe reaction in my eyes sporadically where thye would become itchy then puff up. This was happening once a week or so and was usually one eye or the other. On one occasion both eyes flared up and I was unable to drive because the swelling had distorted my vision. I looked like an alien as it appeared my eyes had blistered and were ‘bubbling’ and weeping at the same time. Very unpleasant but they would return to normal within a a few hours so appeared to be a bizarre occurrence. At the same time my nose had been permanently blocked for about a month and I was having to blow my nose continuously day and night. I was very uncomfortable. I decided that this was not hayfever as my eyes were not swollen all the time and these symptoms were extreme – nothing like the hayfever I had suffered with previously when I was a child.

After a severe eye swelling attack I was feeling very worried about what my body was telling me and I attended a Wellness Circle meeting in the hope that I would be able to talk to a nutritionist to see what I was eating that was causing these horrible symptoms. I was told to drink more water and given a few other bits of advice which I was already doing. During the evening I got talking to Olive about it and she gave me a visualisation exercise to do. I did this the next day and my blocked nose seemed to get better. I was able to breathe for the first time in weeks. As I had been having these symptoms for over a month, Olive explained that it may take some time of me practicing the visualisation to clear the energy blockage that had occurred. I had a telephone consultation with her later that day and she felt that the eye blockage may be due to me picking up some psychic energy through the eye channel (I had had 2 psychic readings the month before which I had forgotten about). She then got me to do a grounding exercise and suggested that I do this daily along with the ‘magnet in the lake’ exercise. I did feel better but my eyes were still troubling me, although less often.

About a week later I had a further telephone consultation with Olive. This time for an hour. She felt that I had been ‘inhaling negative energy’ which was certainly true as I care for my father in law who is a very unhappy person. I had not been protecting my own energy from him. At the same time I had been sending ‘energy’ to my brother during my daily meditations as he was going through a very difficult time personally. The combination of the two was draining my own personal energy. Olive did some energy healing exercises over the phone with me and I felt some shifts in my eyes and nose. It felt like popping similar to pressure changes that occur when flying. During these conversations she could see a forest and asked me if this meant anything to me. We are in the process of buying a house surrounded by forest and it requires a huge amount of renovation. It was this that I was having trouble ‘seeing’ and Olive suggested I put together some pictures of how I would like to ‘see’ the house in the future to help me shift this blockage of ‘not wanting to see’ it. She also showed me how to make sure that when I clear negative energy from my body that I also replace it with good clean energy.

I have been practicing these techniques for 2 weeks now and I can report that I have had no more problems with my eyes and my blocked nose cleared completely within about a week. It was gradual but one day I realised that I could breathe freely and hadn’t blown my nose all day. I am utterly delighted with the results and amazed at the simplicity and ease of how it is done. Olive has taught me some valuable lessons about life and I am now teaching them to my daughter who is 5 and loves the visualisations.” Kate

” In 2000 I it was diagnosed that I was no longer able to tolerate wheat and dairy products and therefore cut them out of my diet. Upon not only reading Olive’s book, Recover Your Energy, but also practicing the exercises contained within it, a fascinating change occurred where I started to feel that I could eat these products again. And I can! After 9 years I am now able to eat a full diet without any complications, and use Olive’s excellent Recover Your Energy CD to maintain my energy and ensure I manage challenges in my life. I highly recommend speaking with Olive about the many challenges in which she supports individuals of all ages.” Dale Rockwell


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