Key Essentials of the Year 7 Intervention

Schools have been allocated the funding to use in the best way they assess to help these children catch-up.  The intervention must be:

  • measurable
  • as quick as possible
  • enable the student to catch up to their peers in literacy and numeracy skills
  • delivered in 1-1 work or though small groups

Empowering Learning™ is a process that helps to accelerate the progress of any subsequent programmes used with a student. By understanding the essential skills necessary for effective learning, the student will be far better positioned to absorb further knowledge and more effectively put other programmes into practice.

Empowering Learning™  can accelerate a Year 7 catch-up programme by offering all of this in support of existing schools programmes. When the students learn these essential visual skills, they will accelerate their progress. We can offer support to schools at several levels, including:

  • A visual learning workbook for the student targeted directly at year 7 pupils
  • One to one sessions for a student with a Learning Practitioner, plus any Learning Support staff
  • Group sessions with a Learning Practitioner, plus any Learning Support Staff
  • Empowering Learning™ Teacher Training in visual teaching and visual learning – we recommend that any school we work with has at least one person trained to this level as a local expert in visual learning.  This enables additional local advice for specific students and long term sustainability in the school.  Although the catchup funding is only a single payment, this training would enable many more students to benefit.

How can Empowering Learning™ add value to your catch-up programme?