Health and Wellness

Stress and Fatigue in everyday life can be alleviated with the tools of Energetic NLPWe never cease to be impressed at how our clients can improve their health and wellbeing by understanding a few “how to’s”. Realising the effects their own internal experience can have on their health can be a turning point in regaining their wellness.

It is well known, through longevity studies, that a positive outlook has a positive effect on your health. And a positive attitude is a great place to start.  Once you add to that the ability to let go of negative energy, release emotional blocks, recover your energy, get every part of you aligned with wellness, there is no limits to what you can achieve.

“I was diagnosed in 2003 with MS. When I discovered Energetic NLP it was a lifesaver. It focuses on knowing what is your energy and how to recover it. I haven’t looked back since. This book offers people with MS a really easy way to get back in control of their energy and then who knows what they might achieve. I know I’ve got more energy now than even before the MS.”

At the International Association we have practitioners working together, using different modalities, all focused on empowering individuals, through understanding more about their own experience, to maintain and create their own wellbeing.

As people develop our understanding of what can be achieved through the power of the mind, we will be publishing research work to enable this to become mainstream.

Our Practitioners bring together expertise in helping people learn how to, for example:

  • understand more about their own personal energy, which will in turn assist their recovery from Chronic Fatigue, ME, food intolerances
  • cope with pressure and stress in a healthier way, reducing the health complications that arise
  • recover after operations (especially pain reduction) and traumas associated with, for example,  accidents and Cancer surgery and treatment
  • investigate how to positively effect other chronic illnesses such as Diabetes, Dementia, MS, severe anxiety, Parkinsons, etc

Olive Hickmott also teaches practitioners to become Health Coaches.  See