The International Association for Health and Learning runs masterclasses for Practitioners, their clients and the general public.   Masterclasses cover a variety of topics and often combine different modalities into a specific focus.

Masterclasses: Changing Dyslexia for a New DecadeOlive Hickmott is in conversation with several other professionals about how we need to change the definition and our way of teaching these highly visual neurodivergent learners, so that they find literacy easy, enjoyable and can all reach or exceed their potential. This series of 10 webinars is another of her groundbreaking perspectives that enable children to learn, according to their strengths in just a couple of hours. When you reach the end in the series you will receive on-line group coaching to help you and your child/student excel. Click here for the full set of recordings at a special price of £50 when ordered before 1st April 2020.

  1. Blending phonics and word recognition for literacy
  2. Grounding and good breathing to reduce anxiety and create an effective learning state
  3. Developing Visual Skills to Learn Anything
  4. A neurodivergent school Coach for every Primary School
  5. Moving to fluency
  6. Exploring sensory overload in Dyslexia
  7. Why is spelling harder than reading?
  8. When Dyslexia overlaps with ADHD and other neurodivergent labels
  9. How NLP and coaching can help clients with learning differences
  10. Releasing Anxiety

Masterclasses: New perspectives for ADHD. Penny Perry and I hosted this groundbreaking initiative, delivered in 4 mini-sessions.  Please tell your friends to visit this page and sign up for these highly informative sessions that will explain some hidden facts about ADHD, enabling you and your children or students to have happier lives. Just £50 for all 4x50mins  sessions plus a facebook group for additional resources and comments/questions.

Masterclasses: ADHD Awareness month3 webinars for just £30, as a follow on to New Perspectives for ADHD, packed full of useful information on ADHD and other neurodivergent symptoms:
Webinars: ADHD Awareness, where to start?
Webinar: ADHD Awareness, good breathing and sleeping.
Webinar:The skills of ADHD

Masterclasses: Breathing and ADHD:  First we have a FREE webinar on the reasons why humans should breath through their nose rather than their mouth.  Then we have a FREE webinar entitles Can good breathing really improve ADHDThere is more information here including a research paper.

Masterclass: Empowering Learning for “Tinys”.  This is targeted at our very youngest children and how they learn through mental imagery. A single FREE teleclass.

Masterclass: Words that work:  Recorded Teleclass with Alicia Eaton and a copy of her book.  How to get kids to do almost anything. £13.