Membership Levels

IHL - Promoting Health and Learning for EveryoneWe are delighted to be able to offer membership and several different levels, with increasing levels of benefits and opportunities.


There is a membership to suit everyone – see table of  Members Benefits. Descriptions of the different levels of Membership are below:


This is a free membership for those who are interested in the aims of the Association.  Sign-up on-line and receive newsletters


Open to all non-professional practitioners who have an enthusiasm for the work of the Association and importantly can offer a wealth of valuable expertise and services to other members.  For example in promotion, marketing, accountancy, bid preparation, public speaking, book publishing, creative book architecture, CD production, websites, etc – all the skills that members need for their businesses to succeed and for the field to move forward and achieve our joint goal.

Benefits include FREE access to all Masterclasses and promotion of your business and skills to other members.


This is open to all professional practitioners in the field of Health and Learning who are passionate about assisting the field of self-empowered health and learning to grow; and who want to incorporate the appropriate techniques into their practices to benefit themselves and their clients / patients.

Practitioners include those working in nursing, the medical profession, counselors, teachers, Educational Psychologists, university, college lecturers and therapists, such as Reflexologists, Massage, Physiotherapists, Hypnotherapists, Acupuncturists, Physiotherapists, CBT.

Members make very valuable contributions in sharing their experiences of working with health and learning challenges and how taking personal responsibility can be incorporated into every-day life.

Full Members

This membership is for those who are Practitioners in the field of self-empowered Healing and Learning including NLP, Energetic NLP, Empowering Learning, EFT, hypnotherapy, Quantum Touch etc.  and who have reached appropriate levels in their chosen fields through examination or attendance.

Benefits include listing on the Association’s website as Full Members; reduced rates on professional insurance and membership of professional bodies, work with other members on techniques to address health and learning challenges, to formulate research, to build up and share the resulting body of knowledge.

Members work together on techniques to address health and learning challenges, to formulate research, to build up and share the body of knowledge.

Accredited Members

For those who have passed an accreditation in Energetic NLP or Empowering Learning and are using their skills as a practitioner, promoter, trainer etc.

For ENLP, this requires attendance at ENLP trainings to Level 2 and above, an ongoing demonstration of ability and accreditation by Art Giser.

In Learning, this requires attendance at Empowering Learning trainings to Level 2 and above (i.e. to train others and be competent with using ENLP on self and others), an ongoing demonstration of ability and accreditation by Olive Hickmott.

Benefits include listings on the Association’s website as a full members and passing on opportunities.


This is an honorary membership given in recognition of individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the Association generally in the fields of Health and Learning.

Corporate membership (coming soon)

Corporate membership for employees is by arrangement, depending on the level of involvement and commitment to the Association’s core aims and objectives.


For all enquiries regarding Membership of the IAHL, contact