New Perspectives Books and CDs

This unique set of books and CDs, called New Perspectives, are targeted at those who wish to explore how they can be more the person they want to be, especially in the areas of health and learning difficulties. The objective is to offer everyone, the capability to start their own personal journey around the specific area that they are currently focused on. Would you like the opportunity to have the life you have always wanted and know you are meant to have?

People come to personal development from many walks of life and for thousands of different reasons. They normally have one thing in common – that they really want to change something in their lives that has probably been bugging them for a long time. The possibilities are endless, a few examples might be:

  • overcoming learning difficulties
  • recovering your health after an accident, operation or injury
  • trying to shift a long standing health problem
  • recovering your energy when running on empty
  • changing your experiences of allergies, food intolerances and even multiple chemical sensitivities
  • the wellwoman CD to improve PMS and menstrual discomfort
  • rehabilitation after serious health events
  • how to reduce the impact of dementia – insights for carers

These books are quite unique, each one focused on very specific issues you may wish to address, but at the same time being part of a consistent set. The idea of having a range of books is that you may be drawn to one particular book, to address a topical question in your life and as this becomes resolved you may become curious to understand more about other aspects of your life, hence sustaining and building your very individual journey of personal growth.

Watch out for new titles, they will all be 1st announced here. They will be available here or from Amazon worldwide, electronic Kindle, Nook and ibook formats and from bookshops. Just click on the titles to order the books here.

Empowering Learning books and CDs
 small Elephants in the Classroom mockup 6 New Release: May 31st 2019, order your copy now.   Or order >10 for a schoolNew Perspectives #7: The Elephants in the Classroom: uncovering every student’s natural power of mental imagery to enhance learning - Neurodiversity through the Lens of Mental Imagery.   The Elephants in the Classroom talks directly to parents and teachers, providing a much-needed new perspective on the explosion of learning difficulties in our classrooms… and empowering them, with simple skills, to make many aspects of learning easier.

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 perf5.500x8.500.indd New Perspectives #4: Bridges to Success: How to Transform Learning Difficulties. This book offers a completely new perspective on learning difficulties. Coming from a coaching perspective, that if one person knows how to do something you can teach others, and they will learn how to succeed. For testimonials take a look here.
workbookdisc Bridges to Success Study Guide – improve your literacy and Numeracy. This includes the Pass Literacy On CD.Learning visual skills makes a huge difference to literacy, especially for visual people. This step by step workbook of supplied free with all training programmes and is available for purchase separately. Those who come to coaching with Olive or many of our practitioners will be supplied with one for practice.To order a copy
 btsmeddisc Bridges to Success: Exercises and meditations. Ideal for anyone who has read “Bridges to Success – How to Transform Learning Difficulties” and wants to practice the exercises
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 waldorfdiscsmall Waldorf – the dog who isn’t word blindTo order a copy
 cover New Perspectives #1: Seeing Spells Achieving – the first New Perspectives book was published in March 2006 and co-authored by Olive Hickmott. It is a step by step approach to improving your spelling, reading and maths, all in a couple of hours, even getting over dyslexia and dyscalculia.To order a copy
Empowering Health books and CDs
cover  New perspectives #2: You too can do health is based on a fictional character, who’s journey to improve his health uncovers lots of different mind-body-spirit connections that he’d never encountered/thought of before.  Comments from those who have already read the book include:
“This is Great! You don’t have to be an expert in anything to understand it and it’s so easy to read.”
“Ideal for the man or woman ‘on the street’, it makes self-help really simple”
“Shouldn’t we be teaching this in Schools?”
“Stories have always been an excellent way of getting messages across. This is a refreshing resource for therapists and clients to develop dialogue and discussion on a wide range of issues. An elegant means of transformation and change.”
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New Perspectives #5: How to improve the impact of Dementia - insights for carers….skills for living in different timezones. This is an e-book, for more information click here.



New Perspectives #3: Recover your energy……and end fatigue by using energy enhanced NLP (EnergeticNLP) and the power of your mind. Whether you are diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue, ME, Post Viral Syndrome, Glandular Fever or are just exhausted, learn how to have all the energy you want.This book will energise you. By learning about your own personal energy system and how to “set it to wellness” you can have all the energy you want. Access the amazing power of your mind with energeticNLP; recognise how your thoughts affect your energy and develop the skills for optimum health, wellness and vitality. Harness the law of attraction and get your internal “team” focused in a fun way on your ongoing wellness. There is also a talking book (2 CDs) for those who find reading too tiring.   For testimonials take a look at


New Perspectives Number #6: Back from the Brink…Twice.  The true story of recovery from ICU Syndrome.  This little book explains so many things for patients, carers and relatives. Available on amazon on kindle or on request from Olive.
How to improve allergies, Reduce Food Intolerances and even Multiple Chemical Sensitivity…I should like to order a copy
How to improve period pains, PMS and the MenopauseI should like to order a copy
Activate your healing energy…to aid your recovery from the fluI should like to order a copy
How to improve your recovery from Physical Injuries and Operations 2CD packI should like to order a copy