New Perspectives on ADHD

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This page offers several new perspectives on ADHD, that you may not have come across before.  Empowering Learning works from the perspective that neurodivergent students with ADHD symptoms, have many wonderful strengths and the same time as experiencing much anxiety and overwhelm, that may manifest in disastrous behaviors, especially when they are young. This picture is the essence of our approach and an extract from my new book The Elephants in the Classroom. For more details you can order your own copy here, or on or

To summerise:

chartnewFirstly we have to make the student feel safe in every aspect of their lives, because their anxiety “thermometer” is on high alert. There is much we can all do from simple breathing techniques to reducing the memory of various traumas and especially having consistence between school and home environments.  Nose breathing that creates breathing from your belly is particularly important and we have free teleclasses for this here.

Secondly working from strengths is vital. Once you discover what a student does well, you can discover the visual skills they are using, celebrate them and employ them for any challenges they have.

Thirdly, being grounded is vital, that means fully in your body, relaxed and alert, with your energy system balanced. Things like diet and nutrician will contribute but the essence is understanding what a grounded state feels like – those with ADHD symptoms may never have experienced that.  And don’t confuse that with being sent to your room in disgrace!

Fourthly, you need to use you grounded skills to stabalise your mental imagery, be in control of them and out of sensory overload. You may even notice that when at the sea-side you child is calmer and more grounded; seawater is very grounding.

Lastly, once you are calm and relaxed you can use your mental imagery skills for literacy, numeracy, art, memory and all sorts of academic skills.

We really recommend you start with The Elephants in the Classroom, you will learn much if you follow through on identifying strengths, what can go wrong and how those strengths can win through.

To learn more on-line  there is a Masterclass: New perspectives for ADHD. Penny Perry, Cheryl Winter and I hosted this groundbreaking initiative, delivered in 4 mini-sessions.  Please tell your friends to visit this page and sign up for these highly informative sessions that will explain some hidden facts about ADHD, enabling you and your children or students to have happier lives. Just £50 for all 4x50mins  sessions plus a facebook group for additional resources and comments/questions.  This programme is designed for ADHD, but you will find there is much of help with other autistic symptoms.

If your child has a literacy or numeracy problem, that may also be contributing to much anxiety you need to take a look at our Jumpstarting Literacy and Numeracy Programme for more details, that is now available as a home study programme, that you can do at your leisure.

If you want help with any of this information above, we can offer you a network of learning coach practitioners to be referred to, just email or phone +44-7970-854388. Alternatively you can join one of my on-line drop-in sessions on the first wednesday of every month.

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