Physical Injury

  • Trying to recover from a physical injury or operation?
  • In physiotherapy, learning to walk again?
  • Recovering from a Multiple Sclerosis relapse?
  • In cardiac rehabilitation?
  • Just wanting to heal?
There is much you can do to help the healing process, often without moving a muscle, that will activate your body’s own natural healing.  Visualisation is the first skill to learn to not only visualise success but also the steps along the way.  This skill was first noticed by elite athletes recovering from injury and is now available to everyone.  Olive is an internationally renowned expert in how people learn visually, and you don’t need to have learning difficulties to benefit from your own fabulous visual skills.

Of course you can still use visualisation to improve walking, you don’t need to have had a physical injury.

This CD is invaluable for all forms of rehabilitation. You can learn how to:

  • let go of the shock of the injury
  • identify and release any beliefs that are keeping you stuck
  • become more aware of your own physical body
  • discover what your body is trying to tell you, often through pain
  • release energy that is trapped in physical interventions including organ removal and even amputations
  • learn how your language, spoken or internal, can help the healing process
  • rehearse wellness using the skills pioreered by atheletes.

You will find the double CD here.

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