Primary Schools offer

Special Offer for Primary and Nursery Schools this Summer 2019 – 25% off, the Empowering Learning Jumpstarting Literacy and Numeracy programme for educators and in addition:

  • You get a 2nd FREE place for your Headteacher
  • Extensive manual and Study Guide plus 7 full hour on-line teleseminars that you can watch whenever you like and repeat however many times you like
  • Monthly on-line drop-in calls for any questions, from any of your staff or parents, with Olive Hickmott, Creator of Empowering Learning.
  • And when you have completed the programme  2 extra bonus teleseminars are waiting for you:
    • Lack of Concentration: A growth industry with some very simple roots
    • Using Mental Imagery as a natural learning tool for the under 7s
  • Jumpstarting Literacy and Numeracy will enable schools to save money for assessments, support resources and accelerate their students’ progress.
  • Just imagine what it would be like if all of your students had moved on from phonics to word recognition and fluent reading before they left year 1. Just imagine what it would be like if less children/parents had to go down the Dyslexia assessment path.
  • Just imagine what it would be like if all your students could correctly spell every word they can read.
  • Just imagine what it would be like to improve concentration for many children in school.
  • Just imagine your students confidence growing as they excel and even their ability to instantly recall their times tables improves.

These are just the type of improvements and moments of wonder you can experience when you encourage students to use their mental imagery skills for literacy, numeracy and many other learning skills. 

Order now, this special offer of £295.00 is only available to primary schools, before the end of August 2019.  That is £100 discount for educators and a FREE place for your Primary Headteacher. Numbers are limited and when all the places have gone, no more are available. 

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And when parents want to join in and assist their child, we have a ready-made super low cost on-line programme for them to share with their child.  Click here for a free video introduction.