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The Organic View radio show:Olive Hickmott discusses NLP in ADHD


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Sara Haboubi and Olive Hickmott talk about adult literacy

Jane Travis and Olive Hickmott talk about importance of coaching style interventions for Dyslexia

Brendan Dobrowolny and Olive Hickmott talk about Mental Imagery for effective learning

Gemma Bailey and Olive Hickmott discuss “Don’t let your child struggle any longer”

Marilyn Devonish and Olive Hickmott discuss “Photoreading is invaluable and easy”

Alison Crafts and Olive Hickmott discuss measurable results from the year 7 catchup programme

Sarah Hinchliffe and Olive Hickmott discuss “Growth Mindsets in Primary Schools”

Penny Perry and Olive Hickmott discuss learning difficulties and the lizard brain

Energetic NLP and learning difficulties: Olive Hickmott talks with Art Giser


Energetic NLP


Art’s audio introduction to his 2-day programme “Sharing your gifts with the world”

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Empowering Health

For the carers of those with Dementia; 2 radio recordings


Helen Oakwater discussing NLP in the 21st century and adoption