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A variety of training courses are available on-line and in person in the UK and Ireland.

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Is your child struggling with spelling?

One to one coaching or our new on-line programme brings you all the skills you need to help a child banish those spelling gremlins, jumpstart their literacy and a lot more.  Chick here for more details.   


Empowering Learning Products

Bridges to Success – How to Transform Learning Difficulties (NP4) book £9.99  On-line Payment

Bridges to Success book plus CD of exercises and meditations £20.00 On-line Payment

Success Toolkit: Bridges to Success book, CD of exercises and meditations, post-it pad and pens £25.00 On-line Payment

DVD: Bridges to Success Introductions  £10.00  On-line Payment

Waldorf – the dog who isn’t word blind  £5.50  On-line Payment

**Only available to Empowering Learning Practitioners.  Bridges to Success Study Guide for Teachers, Support Staff and Parents you are coaching, including a CD  £19.95   On-line Payment

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