Slow learner to finalist in “Young Writer’s Award”

I attended an Empowering Learning Family Breakthrough event run by Olive Hickmott with my wife and 6 year old son.

Our son, we were told, was a lovely boy but a slow learner. He couldn’t concentrate and wouldn’t sit still.  At the Family Breakthrough workshop, Olive introduced us to the concept of grounding and an alternative view of visualisation.

We implemented these techniques and the results have been outstanding. He has gone from regularly getting 3/10 in his spellings to averaging 8/10. His reading has improved beyond recognition and he has developed a love for reading and writing, so much so that he entered and was a finalist in the ‘Young Writer’s Awards’ last year (at age 7).

We are now homeschooling him and he’s flying – so much for being a slow learner!  Thank you, Olive, for helping us to help our son.