Is your child struggling with spelling?

Or maybe you have just had a diagnosis of Dyslexia that confirms your fears. You may have suspected something like this but now it is black and white panic is setting in.

“My child’s school report is frankly scary.  I know he is bright, creative and imaginative but his report card says he is disinterested, unfocused, disruptive and dropping way behind his peers in literacy. His reading seems to be getting a bit better, after lots of hard work and repetition but his spelling and handwriting is really atrocious. At parents evening there was talk about Dyslexia and that rung real alarm bells, because that is what happened to his dad in school”.  Amy,  typical parent

Does this all sound familiar and what do you do next?  Help is at hand. At Empowering Learning we have a very different perspective, so just park all the deficits for a moment, and join us to work from their strengths. You can learn the missing skills that everyone needs for spelling, whatever their diagnosis of learning difficulties.  As a little boy in Holland said “This is too easy, isn’t it cheating”.

Over the past 10 years Empowering Learning has investigated exactly how good spellers spell and now offer you the simple Jumpstarting on-line programme, to teach you and your child the skill that everyone can learn quickly and easily to banish those spelling gremlins.

Let's banish the Spelling Gremlin

Let’s banish the Spelling Gremlin

You have options to access this material in the best way for you:

Jumpstarting Spelling brings 2 of our experienced trainers right into your home through the internet plus on-line Q&A sessions.  You can make progress with spelling in just a few hours, learning a new way to learn.

If you prefer Face to Face coaching and want additional help with reading, maths, comprehension etc we have a network of learning coaches ready to help your family on a 1-1 basis.

“I refer to myself as a reformed Dyslexic and so wish this help had been available to me when I was at school.  I could have learned how to spell and read in primary school, eliminated years of anxiety, given me access to all those wonderful children’s stories and in short changed my life.” Olive Hickmott.

When you are ready to sign up just register here and you will immediately be mailed details, from

Just imagine what it would be like to get rid of those spelling gremlins in just a few hours and go back to school with enthusiasm for what comes next.



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