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Dementia and anxiety medication

This week several paper covered the story of a link between anxiety medication and Dementia.  According to a Harvard study people could be 50% more at risk of developing Dementia. Here are a couple of the articles;  NHS choicesthe Telegraph and the Daily Mail. You can’t trust everything you read but it set me thinking.

I have been exploring Dementia for some time, with a curiosity to see how we can help carers improve their quality of life and that of the patients with better insights as to what is happening behaviourally and how the carers can better look after their own health.  One of the messages that comes across is that many people with Dementia are suffering extreme anxiety.  I wonder if Dementia has more to do with this anxiety than any medication they are taking – I haven’t seen anything published about the levels of anxiety in the sample, although you can assume it is high or they would not be taking the medication. The list of cofounders includes depression but not anxiety or insomnia.

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