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“Labels are for cans, not people”


“Labels are for cans, not people” a quote attributed to Anthony Rapp.  This comment is particularly relevant to the labels of learning difficulties. Some people have one, some people a whole host of co-morbid labels and some people who have many of the symptoms have no label at all; so what is the benefit of this label for your child or family member?

  • Does a label help you get a better service from your school or community?
  • Does a label get my more stuck in feeling helpless, the world is against you?
  • Does a label disempower or empower you as parents, feeling that you have to battle for any support
  • Is the support you get helpful or not helpful?
  • Do you believe that gadgets and products are the only way your child can progress?

Labels should direct you to what you can learn, to get a better understanding and to teach the child new skills.  Parents all want the best for their children, and they need a plan as to what they can do to move forward.

At Empowering Learning ( we work with the whole family to do just that, everyone learns more, their level of understanding increases and they help their child learn new skills to move forward in small steps that work for them.  Whatever the diagnosis we can offer you some ideas to help your journey.

Do contact me for free on 07970-854388, skype olivehickmott, and we will start you on a new path to improvement and success.

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Olive Hickmott

The things you have never understood about learning difficulties

For those who work with or have kids with learning difficulties, could you give me your questions you have never understood about the situation, so I can answer them,Just to get you started: why can my child read but not spell? why can he get a spelling right in a test and 5 minutes later not know how to spell the same word? how can my daughter hit someone without remorse or feelings for them, yet have a deep understanding for people in general how does my son know what 8-3 is but can’t do 8 apples minus 3 apples? why is my son great and home and dreadful in school, or visa versa? why is there so much overlap between various diagnosed learning difficulties