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Energy Matters: Rescuing my energy

How many people do you know who find themselves:

  • short of energy?
  • drained at the end of the day?
  • affected by other people “dumping” on them?
  • know that stress exhausts them?
  • working in a role where you meet a lot of people, who zap your energy?
  • struggling to sleep with a racing mind?

Some may even have been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue, ME, SAD, post-viral something or other. All these experiences have one thing in common: the person has picked up other peoples’ energy and is short of their own energy. There are really simple ways to better manage and enhance your energy. You can learn the skills quickly and use them in minutes, anytime, anywhere.

You can learn a 10 minute daily routine, that you can easily do on your way to work, to let go of some of the “stuff” we all collect as we go through the our lives, and how to get your energy flowing well. People who help others as a carer, professional or in anyway interacting with the public, even if just on public transport,  will find learning these simple skills invaluable.

Many people believe that the ability to let your energy flow through your body is a key element in our health. Energy blocks can happen due to all sorts of things; emotions, operations, accidents, traumas – join us and experience how you can start your own energy flowing throughout your body and see what effects that could have on your health.

Olive Hickmott and Anne Smith, are offering bi-weekly masterclasses for everyone to understand more about their energy, on Tuesday mornings at 10am UK time, starting on 19th May.  To book a block of 4 teleseminars, either live or by accessing recordings, sign up at: Energy matters: Rescuing my energy


Wellness Programmes for Business

The IHL has some real experts in the field of health and learning. They are working together to offer expert speakers to corporate wellness programmes.

Reversing the Ageing Process, Dr. Diana Kingham ( and Anne Waldron

David Festenstein’s, ground-breaking 7-step recover programme, grounded in David’s own exceptional recovery from a Stroke and now available for many chronic conditions

Olive Hickmott, international speaker on learning difficulties (; recovering your energy, wellwoman (PMS and period pains), shifting food intolerances and shifting headaches without medication ( Author of the New Perspectives books and CDs, for example Bridges to Success – How to Transform Learning Difficulties, Recover your energy, You too can do health!

Art Giser, international trainer and creator of Energetic NLP. Learn how to use trans­for­ma­tive ener­gies and NLP to facil­i­tate mental, emo­tional, and phys­ical healing in your­self and others. ( Art is a USA resident and is only available to run a class as a teleseminar.

Helen Oakwater, specialising in traumatised children, and author of Bubble Wrapped Children

Jen Tiller, well-being expert, with specialities for breathing and skin conditions,

Adam Shaw, specialising in active energy and heart health, founder of the healthy heart academy and author of Secrets of A Cardiac Nurse

If you want any topics not covered do let us know. We are continually building out network of experts who teach people skills to improve their experience of health and any learning difficulties.