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“We can’t arrest our way out of the current situation in our inner cities” This is a quote for the police experience in Los Angeles several years ago

We must look behind the behaviour to the causes of the recent riots in England, that have spread to Philadelphia now.

One of the causes is poor literacy. Being able to read fluently empowers people, they can find out about other people, other societies, broadening their experience. Those youngsters I meet with poor literacy feel stupid, isolated and unheard at a very young age. Some develop reliance and battle through others get lower and lower self esteem, going into a downward spiral.

We know how to teach people to improve their literacy in minutes, not months. Everyone can do it and it is simply teaching them a skill they never developed naturally when they were very young. They can then let go of all the stress and exhaustion that is causes by confusion and develops into Dyslexia. We mustn’t leave this to chance.

If you want to learn more do give me a call I should be pleased to teach you – collaboration is so important to achieving change.

The IHL is looking for more literacy projects to make these fundamental skills available to all