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Recover your energy…….and end fatigue by using energy enhanced NLP and the power of your mind. Whether you are diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue, ME, Post Viral Syndrome, Glandular Fever or are just exhausted, learn how to have all the energy you want.This book will energise you. By learning about your own personal energy system and how to “set it to wellness” you can have all the energy you want. Tap into the amazing power of your mind with energy enhanced NLP; recognise how your thoughts affect your energy and develop the skills for optimum health, wellness and vitality. Harness the law of attraction and get your internal “team” focused in a fun way on your ongoing wellness.

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Ever felt exhausted, drained of energy and you don’t know why? Could it be:
• your environment
• those negative people around you
• negative emotions from within you
• internal conflict and indecision
• Chronic Fatigue, ME, Post Viral Syndrome, Glandular Fever etc
• another chronic illness that is leaving you feeling exhausted
• you are a very sensitive person and are affected by negative energies
• you are empathetic and feel obliged to give your energy away
• you feel all over the place, just not like you.

Journeying through this book will enable you to activate your own internal “team” to recover your energy. Recover your energy is written in a light-hearted way because story telling is the easiest way to teach the skills you need to improve your health. It is a light-hearted treatment of very profound emotional, physical and energetic manifestations. You will learn to clear anything that negatively affects your health, understand your own personal energy system and be able to set it up for health, wellness and vitality.Recover your energy is intended to enhance any conventional medical practice or complementary medicine, not replace it. It empowers the individual to take action, using the resources they already possess, to positively affect their health and aid their recovery.

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“ Your book rocks! It is outstanding. I read it, did the visualisations and can feel the effects. I particularly liked the Appendix – the description of symptoms – particularly the lack on logic between exertion and crashing. Being an NLPer I was searching for patterns on a time line ……. and they weren’t there. Simply knowing that was hugely empowering. This is a gift to the world.” Helen, London

“I was diagnosed in 2003 with MS. When I discovered Energetic NLP it was a lifesaver. It focuses on knowing what is your energy and how to recover it. I haven’t looked back since. This book offers people with MS a really easy way to get back in control of their energy and then who knows what they might achieve. I know I’ve got more energy now than even before the MS.” Penny, Hertfordshire

“After suffering with fatigue for 20 years and diagnosed with ME 13 years ago, this was the last big step in helping me to wellness. I had never before got over the pain in my legs when I did even the lightest exercise and I would take months to recover. I am now able to run, walk up stairs and do things without pain and debilitating tiredness…” Helen, Hertfordshire

“ Your book is wonderful - it takes us on a journey of discovery, following the path to good health, removing stuck energy and making us aware of how powerful our subconscious mind is. Thank you for helping me recover my energy.” Katherine, Buckinghamshire

“I was diagnosed with Mild CFS 18 months ago and recently have been getting very frustrated because I have now had to reduce my working hours down to part-time, and I have had that feeling of failure and spiralling out of control. This book feels like a turning point for me. I read it cover to cover in one day because it is so easy to read, which is great and it provides really positive techniques for recovery. In a nutshell, thankyou for writing this book, its given me a positive outlook already, and I feel hopeful when yesterday I felt filled with despair. If you have ME/CFS I urge you to buy this book; with an open mind it can really start you on the road to having more energy and getting your life back together.” Mrs S. Plewes

This book will bring hope and relief to many people. Olive has a wonderful gift and passion for taking what could be complicated ideas and processes and making them easily accessible to everyone. Reading it will trigger conscious changes for vitality, and also teach your unconscious mind how to take better care of your body and your health. Many, many people will experience more health and vitality as a result of this book.” Art Giser, San Francisco

Olive was a enormous help with our 14 year old daughter who was suffering from ME like symptoms. Thanks to Olive she has made a full recovery, in just a few weeks, after 5 months off school. Highly recommended.” David, Sussex

“ At last, a self-help book supplying your very own personal support team who encourage and guide you to find your own personal way to wellness! Thanks Olive, not only has Recovery Your Energy given me and my family new & effective tools, I wish my children had been able to read it when they were even younger. Your style of writing makes the invaluable information accessible to any age reader. Essential family reading to help prevent poor health!” Sue, the Netherlands on Amazon.com

“ This book is just as great as, You too can ‘do’ health!’ I love the story format because its simplicity helps explain how NLP and Energy work can be easily understood by the lay person with no therapeutic background. The characters, humour and sketches enlighten the messages and bring the whole book and processes alive! The topic is not something that many people know about, but many of the things in the book are very common and actually happened to me. This book is a gem, it will reach many people and guide them to wellness! Another book that I am recommending to my clients.” Denise, Hertfordshire.

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