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To improve your health and retain wellbeing, just look inside! The great thing is that you have it all within you once you know how to find it……..

Take your first steps towards health and wellbeing!

You too can ‘do’ Health! is written for anyone who suspects that they could feel better than they currently do, either in terms of their health, general wellbeing, attitude to life, or because they are facing significant challenges due to a serious illness.”

You too can ‘do’ Health! is designed to allow the reader to supplement traditional medical treatments and complementary therapies with an easy to follow self-help methodology that brings an understanding of the basic principles of how your thoughts affect your mind and body.

Written for everyone to understand, You too can ‘do’ health!, tells a great story, whilst demystifying the jargon often associated with personal development.

You too can ‘do’ Health! recounts Harry’s personal journey as he discovers his responsibility for his health through making appropriate choices. Mary, his coach. uses the metaphor of exploring a Manor House to reveal the many options he has to challenge his self-limiting beliefs. The book’s clever construction offers revision and key learning points naturally within the captivating story. Activities, such as visualisations, are particularly powerful, so that the reader can parallel Harry’s progress in making positive choices. The book is a holistic and accessible approach to the mind-body connection and fulfils the authors’ desire to accelerate the readers’ personal changes in their learning journey to positive health.


“As a former cancer-sufferer I now understand how I could have changed my own health for the better. I recommend it highly to people wishing to take control of their health.” Julia Drum, coach and former BBC TV award-winning health programme-maker.

“You too can ‘do’ health has given me very valuable tools to be a lot more in control of my condition, my fatigue, even the everyday problems we all have and find a much more positive path. It has given me holistic help rather than just treating my symptoms. You too can ‘do’ health! has given me an understanding about myself that I never had before. It has helped me to find the positives – an amazing step forward after the doom and gloom of diagnosis and even a new and fabulous career path. The language of wellness was particularly powerful as your language definitely changes after a diagnosis and it is now positive again. The summary notes in each chapter are fantastic – I can look through and just focus on a couple of things I can do today, not a big mountain to climb and more importantly, if something seems wrong “I know where to find the answer”. In the story the main character questions what he is being told, and that is such a very true picture of the journey for someone with a health challenge, going through treatment. Each time I read it I have found another insight into helping me manage my condition.” Penny is diagnosed with MS

“This is the most accessible book on health I’ve ever read, but it’s also one of the most far-reaching. The book approaches our health from the point of the Mind; it shows the incredible power that the mind has on our health, both mental, but just as importantly, physical. You’ve never read a book on health like this and it’s so easy to read and entirely practical in its “advice”. This book ploughs a furrow that will become increasingly recognised in the coming years; for now, it is unique. “ Mark Newey, Hypnotherapist.

“Stories have always been an excellent way of getting messages across. This is a refreshing resource for therapists and clients to develop dialogue and discussion on a wide range of issues. An elegant means of transformation and change.”

“It’s hard for most of us to read and put into practice all the things we ‘should’ do to be healthy. Olive and Sarah have distilled the wisdom they have gained from their years of helping clients as health coaches, studying the relationship of the mind to health, and their personal journeys from illness back to health in this delightful book. It takes what is often dry information and makes it come alive in a story that will teach your conscious and your unconscious mind simple, powerful, and doable ways to enhance your health. You too can ‘do’ Health! is one of those rare books that will change your life while still managing to be easy and compelling to read. You’ll be grateful that you read this book!” Art Giser, EnergeticNLP.com

“Great! Well done! I think it really works well and covers a huge amount of ground in a very accessible way. Having done a lot of writing and study in the area of personal development myself, I am always pleased to see a book that is full of really practical things to actually do, rather than just a load of theory. And this book does practical health big time. And not in the way you might expect either. It follows the story of Harry on his journey to health, and you can follow along with him. Thankfully, it addresses how our thoughts affect our health, an area often completely missed by most health books. And of course it covers much more as well in a very accessible way. Highly recommended!” Paul Mathews, Managing Director, The People Academy

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