The Empowering Learning Team: An international network of Accredited Practitioners

Empowering Learning is fortunate enough to have a network of 100s of Practitioners, across the world.  They are working in a variety of environments, some as teachers, learning support, educational professionals and coaches.  Some are parents of grandparents just involved to help their own families.  People work in a variety of environments such as schools, prisons, colleges, youth centres, out of school tuition, etc.


Here are a few examples of those who are available for private work. Those marked ** are Master Trainers and have partnered to create the new entirely new on-line programmes, for parents and schools.

Berkshire, **Paula Montie, Master Trainer, co-author of empoweringlearningskills programme (also retired head-teacher, NLP Master Trainer)

Derbyshire, Jane Travis (also a qualified coach, NLP Master Practitioner, EFT advanced practitioner)

Dorset, Denise Davis

Chepstow, Monmouthshire and South Wales,  Brendan Dobrowolny (Highly experienced neurodiversity coach for professionals, parents and children. Licensed NLP4Kids practitioner and certified Empowering Learning coach).

Shropshire, Felicity Page, (also a Patoss and AMBDA Assessor, tutor, Diploma SpLD Dyslexia)

Essex, Monica Angel, Megan Hall

Southampton, Kate Stone

Hampshire, Julia Barber (also a learning support teacher)

Hertfordshire, Alison Crafts (also Rheiki Practitioner, Reflexologist,  Energetic NLP Practitioner), and Penny Penny

Kent, Diana Araujo

Scotland, Eilidh Macdonald-Harte

Mersyside, Caroline Hobson

Norfolk, Paris Back (also Montessori and BDA tutor) and Carol Wilkinson

Nottinghamshire, Jan Woodjets, (also master NLP trainer)

Somerset, Rory Day and Emma Foster

London, Gillian Woon, Graham Marcelis and Javier Ort

Surrey, Yvonne Fox (also a Mindset expert)

Australia, Jillian Zocher, Tanya Chambers

Prague, Megan Whittingham

Bahrain, Annie Roberts

Holland, Jorien Koedam

New Zealand, Andrea O’Hagen

Ireland, **Sara Haboubi,  Master Trainer, co-author of empoweringlearningskills programme (also NLP Master Trainer)

Dubai, Hawra Al-Hashimy

Kenya, Nancy Manji

USA, Jeff Tambor, Charles Hollis







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