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Thought Pattern Management® (TPM) is a newly released set of powerful, yet simple tools and technologies . TPM is based on over thirty years of development and extensive research into the processes of the ‘mind-body’ connection. Drawing on the powerful tools and technologies of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), as well as others, Robert Fletcher, founder of TPM, continues creating new technologies. He has also added to, and refined many of the most powerful core technologies of NLP, thereby creating a simply elegant set of processes with remarkable and rapid effectiveness. In fact, many of the originators and giants in the NLP community agree, TPM is the next step.

TPM works with the natural processes of the mind and body in such ways as to teach the mind-body to resolve even deeply seated issues automatically ‘on its own’ and often permanently. Robert uses these advanced technologies to help people with all forms of mental, emotional and physical traumas, as well as severe mental, psychological, and physiological illnesses

It is the creation of Robert Fletcher, who Olive has had the privilege to train with.


Fiona Sutherland, who runs TPM Europe,  asks “Practitioners. Do you ever get frustrated when clients get stuck?  Or when the positive changes they make don’t last and they revert back into old ways?”

TPM Europe trains practitioners to transform client’s challenges quickly, safely and very effectively.  It uses a different approach to work with the unconscious mind.  It is non-invasive, life changing and it’s light and creative. It draws from NLP and much more, yet it’s very easy to work with. Clients and practitioners love it.

Fiona Sutherland
TPM Products and Resources

TPM: 5 Core Competancies
TPM: 5 Core Competancies
Recording of TPM Class December 13th 2015 with Rich Aydelott. Payment via Paypal or credit card
Price: 20:00


Creating an Optimum Identity
Creating an Optimum Identity
Recording of TPM Class March 12th 2016 with Jarad Fletcher Payment via Paypal or credit card
Price: £20.00


Book and Cds available through


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