Trauma in Adoption

Helen Oakwater discussing NLP in the 21st century and adoption



Helen Oakwater

International coach, trainer and author of Bubble Wrapped Children; Helen Oakwater’s mission is to help adults understand that adopted and foster children’s erratic and challenging behaviour results from their maltreatment and neglect in infancy.

As the adoptive parent of a sibling group adopted from the care system in the early ’90s Helen understands the legacy of trauma.  An NLP Coach and Trainer she has a unique set of skills and knowledge which she incorporates into her training, writing and conference speeches.

Helen is know for making sense of nonsense and leaving people feeling transformed. She is currently running trainings in Australia and writing her new book.


Trainings and Coaching

Trauma Triggered Behaviour. Workshop for adopters, foster carers & professionals

FLEET: Forgiveness, Listening, Emotions, Empathy & Trauma: Workshop for Parents & Professionals.  


For special trainings, coaching and to contact Helen, visit

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Bubble Wrapped Children; how social networking is transforming the face of 21st century adoption.

Helen Oakwater. 2012. £12.99 paper back. Kindle edition £7.19. where you can find out more and download the first 3 chapters for free.

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