Unexplained deafness

Working with a client one day, who had been very deaf for about 8 years, I was looking at where his eyes moved to as he spoke. The best place to recall sounds is by looking to the left, and he just never looked there. After a few questions he said that he had better tell you that he was deaf in that ear.

He was very open to new ideas and so when I asked him whether he wanted to work on this “why not – let’s give it a try”

I kept firing questions at him until he peeped to the left, almost like a naughty boy. The next question then he went fully to the left and one question later he collapsed in laughter “I’ve got an ear on the side of my head. I can hear a lot better!”

The next morning he told me he had had to turn down the TV sound down dramatically. Instead of the green line being nearly on max, he had now turned it down to about a third.Talking to him about positive intent – it seems that eight years before he had been working in a very noisy workshop and wanted to transfer to work in the office. With the noise and his deafness, he couldn’t hear what was being   said to him and so he got moved to the office. An alternative view might be that he simply installed his own earmuffs, to actually prevent himself from going deaf. Either way you can see the positive intent. The only problem was that he had no idea he had made himself deaf and the sell-by date had passed for needing to remain deaf. With the simple use on eye accessing cues he had restored his hearing.

Working with a lady who had an immune condition, it took some time to get her into a grounded state.  Being grounded is the feeling of being fully in your body, calm and peaceful.  When someone has an immune condition they are frequently not grounded, very stressed and many things just don’t work well.  The minute she was grounded she took both the hearing aid out of her ears and threw them across the table at me., saying “I don’t need these any more, I can hear you perfectly well”. I hadn’t even realised she was deaf.

Sometimes a little more effort is required for you to develop new programming, and just think what expressions you might be telling yourself, on a regular basis, to make your subconscious decide to go deaf – “I can’t stand this noise”, “this place is making me deaf”.

People who repeat expressions like”I should like to drown out what you are saying”, may even develop Tinitus.

Remember to be careful what you say to yourself, we all like to be right!

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