Visual Learning – IT students

What Herbert Daly has to say about visual learning for his students:

“Writing code to create and adapt computer programs is an essential skill for students in the Department of Computer Science and Technology at the University of Bedfordshire.

But learning how to program for the very first time can be a challenging and sometimes even a frustrating experience. Level one undergraduates study Java, a popular industry relevant high-level language, but despite their motivation and hard work, some students still struggle, especially where they lack a mathematical background or have recognised learning difficulties.

So, at a series of workshops held at the Luton campus, students wanting to improve their Java programming skills were introduced to ‘Visual Reasoning’ approaches to learning that drew on their ability to visualise words, patterns and shapes.

During the workshops, participants practised exercises where they engaged with programming, reading and spelling tasks using controlled visualisation. The programme also included exercises to develop concentration and relaxation skills for learners.”

Read the full article here  from the University of Bedfordshire
These skills can be learnt by any undergraduate; take a look at for more details of our approach to visual learning.