Visual skills for Nursing Practice

Empowering Learning, in conjunction with the International Association,  is currently running a piece of research with the University of Coventry to prove the efficacy of their approach to literacy, numeracy, concentration, sequencing, memory and telling the time.

The project has identified literacy and numeracy skills that are particularly relevant to nurses in clinical practice. The project is entitled:

A study to investigate the impact of the ‘working skills for students’ learning intervention on the literacy and numeracy skills of first year nursing students.

Students were invited to join a study to investigate the impact of a new approach to teaching and learning called ‘working skills for students’.  This research involves being instructed on the use of a specific learning approach which it is believed can improve literacy and numeracy skills.

Students were asked to participate in the study because as new nursing students,  literacy and numeracy skills are important to their ongoing studies and future career.

The project was open to all student intake in nursing in Jan 2013, and the first phase of the project will be complete by April 2013.  

We are looking to replicate this work in other universities, so please contact for more details.