Who do I contact?

To find out more about how visual skills can accelerate your Year 7 Catchup Programme, contact Olive Hickmott, e-mail olive@tiahl.org, with your name, school and telephone number.  Olive will be delighted to contact you and explain how the Empowering Learning™ processes will be able to accelerate your school programme.

Olive will direct you to a local Learning Practitioner, who will be able to provide resources that you will find invaluable. Amongst the group of Learning Practitioners trained in the Empowering Learning processes, we have:

  • Experienced Special Needs Co-ordinators
  • Dyslexia Assessors
  • An Educational Psychologist
  • Teachers
  • NLP Practitioners, ENLP Practitioners, NLP Trainers and an ANLP accredited NLP trainer
  • An ex-Headteacher

These skills together constitute a group of experienced Learning Practitioners.